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Do You Take Insurance?

Yes. Dr. Kavanagh & Associates is a provider for TennCare, BCBS of TN, EyeMed, Health Springs, Davis Vision, Spectera, VSP, Superior Vision, NVA, March Vision and others. Any co-pays or deductibles are due at the time of service, and all insurance must be verified BEFORE your exam. Please call or drop in ahead of time to make an appointment, and have your insurance ID card available.   


What Does An Eye Exam Include?

A Comprehensive Eye Exam includes computerized auto refraction, non-contact IOP test (pressure test), a thorough examination of the cornea, retina, and optic nerve, refraction and prescription for glasses if needed.

Dilation is recommended for most patients but not required. We also offer retinal imaging and visual fields testing, additional fees apply.

How Long Does It Take?

Most patients with appointments spend twenty to thirty minutes in our office, including check-in, pre-testing, and time with the Doctor. Dilation and further testing will take longer.

We do welcome walk-ins, but patients with appointments who arrive on time are seen first.

Can I Wear Contacts?

Probably. Most common vision needs can be met with contact lenses, including bifocals and astigmatism correction, and most patients find today's contacts to be comfortable and easy to care for. When you get a Comprehensive Eye Exam, your Doctor will talk with you about your particular vision needs, the costs associated with contacts, and help you decide whether contacts are right for you.

What If I Just Want Color Contacts?

You will need a prescription. Because contact lenses fit directly onto your eyes, they must be fit by a Doctor even if they do not correct your vision. You will also need to be taught how to insert and remove them correctly, and how to clean and care for them to avoid serious infection or injury to your eyes.


Will You Release My Prescription?

Yes! You will get a written copy of your glasses prescription on the day of your exam. We will provide a PD (pupilary distance) upon request for ordering glasses online. If you are getting contacts, your prescription will be complete when you have returned for any required follow-up visits. Once your contact prescription is complete, you will get a written copy.


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